A four night five day trip with family to Bali, we are first timers. Matt and Sam who are regulars wanted us to experience Bali before their wedding next year. Wise move because... I have never been so flipping hot in my whole life for such a long length of time. Relentless humid heat for the ...

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A Little Life

A Little Life

I have a new job and I want to shout from the rooftops about how fabulous it is. But I will wait for another couple of weeks just in case it turns out to be absolute crap. I hope not as I love my ...

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Before I die

Before I Die by Jenny Downham

Before I Die by Jenny Downham Who loves a good read? I finish a book  whether it grabs me or not. Some say that if it's not doing it for you life is to short to keep on reading. Well when I pay for ...

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offensive path

Paint Assault on a Footpath

Our footpaths been sign posted, what do you think warranted or not?  We regular walkers awoke to this abomination. Bright white paint on our paths, why?    I live near a river, our path is ...

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Natures a Bastard

Not all Garden Story

Natures a Bastard The weather here is as confused as I am. We have two Chinese Tallows, one looks like the rats have attacked it and the other looks like it’s trying desperately to hold onto it’s ...

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I Lost Words

Words I dreamt that my words are missing, more than just a few. Seriously I have been looking for them for days. Remembered writing them words, a part of my story, this much is true. I mixed up my ...

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Creative Writing Messing With My Head

  Creative Writing Dreams How healthy is opening your mind, to focus on creative writing. To empty ones head, a place to transfer a story from mind to paper. Who knew, the weirdest dreams I am ...

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Master Class

My Stories Talk to Me in Fragments

Hello, I  attended the best workshop I have been to in some time last Saturday, given by Natasha Lester and Lisa Chaplin. At last, a workshop that made sense, that spoke volumes to me, I didn’t feel ...

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Our very own beached whale

Our Very Own Beached Whale

Prompt 11 Your current relationship I daren’t discuss my human relationships, we know I'll  write something inappropriate, Instead I'll tackle relationships with cats, see if I don't get hate mail ...

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The putrid Rockmelon, no offence intended

Rockmelon I’m Not Your Biggest Fan

Prompt 10 - A Fruit You Dislike and Why Rockmelon a fruit I deplore, I suffer in silence, buying but once a year. For my girls, you do anything for your offspring don’t you? I spy the half cut ...

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My Feelings on Ageism

Prompt 9 My feelings on Ageism I don’t want to do this prompt, I find confronting ageism scary. Seriously taken me out of my comfort zone, leave now. Socialise The aged aren't always too ...

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